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Eli’s Coffee Finds New Home in Mackinaw

Eli’s Coffee Finds New Home in Mackinaw

Eli’s Coffee owners Weston and Rachel Berchtold.

Big news for Mackinaw this week as Eli’s Coffee announces that they are coming to Mackinaw in the near future. Eli’s, started in 2005 and looks to make Mackinaw the home of their 4th location. Other shops exist in Metamora, Morton, and Tremont. After the announcement of the big news, owners Weston and Rachael Berchtold were kind enough to talk to The Mackinaw Mail and tell us about their business and how Mackinaw was chosen as the next site.

“From our founding”, Weston says, “Eli’s has operated on what we call our Pillars: Connection, Community, and Heritage. Our goal is for deep and meaningful connections with our customers and employees, collaboration and promotion of our communities, and the preservation of the historical heritage around us. Eli’s is specifically focused on small towns. Both Rachel and I were born and raised in Tremont and still live there. We’re small-town kids through and through. We know how rich these communities are around us, and as Rachel is fond of saying, ‘everyone deserves great coffee.’” 

On choosing Mackinaw as their next location, Weston explains, “We chose Mackinaw as our next location for several reasons. First and foremost, the strength of the community is a great match. Mackinaw represents a tight-knit town with local leaders looking to see growth and development, specifically downtown. Combine that with a thriving school district, and a location in the heart of town, we saw a perfect fit. Not to mention the fact that Mackinaw residents have been by far the biggest champions for having us open a shop closer to them.”

Currently, Eli’s employs around 60 people throughout their multiple shops - a mix of full-time and part-time employees. Weston tells me that hiring for the Mackinaw location will likely begin in early summer and will be looking to hire 10-15 employees, including a full-time shop manager. The chosen location for the shop is 116 S. Main St., in the location of the former Heartland Bank. Yes, this includes a drive-thru and, according to Eli’s website, even the vault will be transformed into a seating lounge. Ceilings will also be raised and more windows added for natural light. 

Weston finishes by saying, “We’re very much looking forward to becoming a part of the Mackinaw community. We hope Eli’s will be a valuable addition to your town, a place to build relationships and add a bit of happiness and comfort with each visit.”
Eli’s is looking to open their Mackinaw location this coming fall. 

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